Room Additions

Room additions can be complex tasks. They can provide a challenging environment for those involved with the construction. This is especially true if the contractor involved does not have sufficient experience or crews to handle the project. With close to 30 years of doing this type of work around Dallas, Plano and Carrollton, we are fully equipped to handle whatever you would like to do.

Room additions can be used to add a completely new dimension to the average family home and when completed by one of the finest professional teams in the business, an additional room will add convenience, space and value to your property.

There are a wide number of reasons that an additional room might be added to a property. As the size of families increase, some homeowners may find they need additional living or sleeping space. Some may even consider the prospect of room additions so that elderly relatives can enjoy the later years of their lives with family always nearby. For some, an extra room may be required simply for relaxation purposes where games can be played or home entertainment options can be enjoyed.

Reasons to have a room added to your home:

  • New living room
  • Game room
  • Bonus room
  • Adding a second floor
  • Conversion of the attic to livable space
  • Adding a dormer (or several) to an attic or second floor room

Naturally, we’ll give due consideration to the most vital parts of the project, and the suspension of any facilities within the home will be planned around your day-to-day schedules to minimize inconvenience. Water and electrical supplies will be an integral part of any room additions and all piping and cable work will be carried out at times that won’t interrupt your everyday practices.

Of course, there could be other reasons why a home may require an additional room and often, a carport or garage may be needed. Whatever you reasons for building an additional room here in the Dallas – Frisco – Lewisville area, our fully skilled team will be fully committed to making your plans work successfully.

Our team will be responsible for all architectural and engineering operations including the provision of detailed schematics, project management, time constraints and choosing beneficial materials. Room additions can be made at either ground level or as an add-on to an existing story. Structures will be completed to exact specifications and we will always be in communication with you as to the status of your project.

Our team will be able to look after all floor and subfloor requirements as well as ceiling and roofing tasks. All walls can be professionally insulated and drywalled before being decorated to a preferred color theme. Electrical fittings can be readily installed as well as frameworks, windows and doors.

All heating and cooling requirements can be incorporated into project plans as we aim to make your room additions as comfortable and as welcoming as possible.
Most importantly, all of our work will be carried out with your personal safety, and that of our workforce, in mind. Risk assessments will be completed prior to any work commencing so that all individuals affected by a room addition project can be guaranteed safe passage while work is underway.

We are also highly effective in dealing with waste management and as your project unfolds, we’ll be paying careful attention to discarded items, debris and waste. Home improvements such as this can be completed in a clean, efficient manner so that you and your family can begin using your extra living area the moment we’ve finished our work!
Our consultants are ready to consider your room addition plans today – we invite you to contact our offices to get a free estimate.

We offer room addition services in Dallas, Plano, Carrollton, Frisco, Richardson, Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village .