Residential Painting

Residential painting will make a big difference not only in the way your house looks to you, but in the way you look at your house. Chances are your house has been the same color for years, and that color has faded. A professional residential painting project – exterior or interior – can make it look like new again.

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In our 30+ years of doing residential painting in Dallas, we have made hundreds of houses look like they were just built. It’s not just good for the house, in terms of keeping it well-maintained; it’s also a great joy for the homeowner to feel good about the appearance of the family home.

We have a specific process that we use whenever we perform an exterior residential painting:

  • Power wash – This is always the first step in the process. Over the years, your house accumulates dirt and grime from being exposed to the weather constantly. It builds up gradually so you really might not even notice it. A power wash is like giving your home a much-needed bath. It removes all the dirt and loose paint so that the new paint will adhere more easily.
  • Surface repairs – All over your house there are dings and chips in the wood, from a variety of sources. These need to be taken care of before we do any residential painting. We will examine the entire exterior for any flaws, and make sure those are repaired. Our crews work quickly, but they are very detailed in this examination.
  • Primer application – The house has now been pressure washed, and all surface repairs have been completed. Time for the paint? Not quite. First, we put on a nice coat of primer. This soaks into the wood all over the exterior of your home. This turns your home’s exterior into the best possible surface for the paint that we are about to apply. This might seem like more preparation than is necessary, but it really is needed in order for the residential painting project to be a success.
  • Paint application – Now it’s time for the paint! Considering all the preparation that is done before actually putting the paint on, it almost seems like a minor step in the process. Our crews will apply paint to the entire exterior surface of your home (other than any trim work that may be a different color, of course). No edge or corner is missed; we double check.
  • Cleanup – Finally, the paint work is all done; but your residential painting is not yet complete. We do a complete check of your house and your property to make sure that everything is cleaned up, and nothing is left behind. Only when this last step is finished can we stand back and look at your newly-painted home. We like to think that we are as proud of it as you are!

We also have a routine for our interior residential painting. All furniture is either moved out of the room to be painted, or else completely covered to avoid any possibility of paint stains. We take care of any wall repairs that need to be done, such as drywall spackling or wood filler. A complete coat of primer is applied first, then the paint itself. You won’t recognize the room when we are finished – you will love it!