Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are proving to be one of the must-have additions to any progressive back yard development here in the Dallas area. Standing in contrast to the small patio with the simple charcoal grill, outdoor kitchens are becoming one of the most essential aspects of home entertaining. Many of these projects are able to provide as much functionality as their indoor equivalents.

Most outdoor kitchens are able to mimic their indoor counterparts by essentially becoming an extension of the inside kitchen. Appliances, accessories and even decor can reflect the style and individuality that a homeowner uses within an internal setting and many of these outdoor developments house state-of-the-art oven and grill facilities, refrigeration modules, sinks, bars, worktops and kitchen storage space.

Not so long ago, social occasions would typically find at least one unfortunate individual distanced from the fun, particularly in periods of great weather when guests and family would congregate in a garden or poolside setting. While others relaxed and sipped at their drinks, the host would be stuck indoors, slaving away in the kitchen preparing and serving food.

Outdoor kitchens give a massive boost to social occasions and a party host can invite friends over in the safe knowledge that they’ll be able to enjoy the fun and socializing along with everyone else.

It is worth noting that an outside environment doesn’t necessarily have a negative impact on appliances or other materials when inclement weather arrives. Exterior kitchen appliances are versatile, durable and tough enough to survive extreme weather conditions without suffering damage. Worktops can also be made of hard-wearing materials, and kitchen equipment can be made completely weatherproof quite easily.

An important factor to also consider: outside kitchens can be designed and built to blend in with a current landscape or an existing garden theme. Colors and designs can ensure a seamless transition and when outdoor kitchens are created as part of a hardscape garden project, the results can be pretty amazing.

In addition to providing and installing those all-important appliances, a host of other features and accessories can be added to an outside kitchen project to increase potential usage applications and overall functionality. As well as being able to enjoy a wide range of attractive design ideas that add a touch of class to cabinets and drawers, outside kitchens can also be fitted with some incredibly effective safety features including sprinkler systems and non-slip flooring.

And, of course, there are many ways to add some individual charm to your outdoor kitchen project. Lighting displays can give a kitchen a variety of different looks while hardscaping the surrounding area can provide guests with some attractive patio and seating areas to enjoy. Appliances can be integrated into concrete or stone wall designs, and plant life can also be added in key positions to give a tropical ambience that will be particularly noticeable during periods of warm weather.

One particularly appealing feature of having a kitchen outside is the unique feeling of having an oasis within your own back yard. When an outside kitchen is installed as extension to an area that already houses a swimming pool, every day will seem like a holiday! Outdoor kitchens will gain admiration from friends and neighbors as well as adding extra value to your home.
Our team of consultants is available to provide a comprehensive assessment of your individual needs, preferred style and favored appliances. Outdoor kitchens will present you plenty of opportunities to be creative and to experiment with some of the most up-to-date external decoration materials and appliances. We look forward to receiving your call and arranging your consultation.

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