Kitchen Remodeling In Dallas Texas

Kitchen Remodeling In Dallas Texas

Kitchen remodeling in Dallas, Texas adds more value and more enjoyment to your home than any other investment you can make. You will add functionality as well as festivity to the most important room in the house. And you will get it on time and on budget. Only your expectations will be exceeded.

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A necessity transformed into a knockout!

A kitchen is a necessity but it doesn't have to look utilitarian. Your family spends a lot of time there, not only eating and cooking but gathering, talking, even playing. Why shouldn't it be as beautiful and welcoming as the rest of the d├ęcor in your home? You dream, we make it happen.

We're a team for kitchen remodeling in Dallas, TX

Kitchen projects are the perfect partnership of homeowner, designer, and contractor. We handle the complexity of a kitchen remodeling project, insuring quality work from carpenters, plumbers, floorers, installers, and electricians. It's our job, and we're good at it!

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will it take to complete kitchen remodeling in Dallas, TX
  • Does kitchen remodeling affect the value of my home?
  • Do I want to remodel or renovate?

The timeline from design to completion

We will provide you a meaningful number once we've met and determined the extent of your kitchen remodeling project. There are many different things that may need to be done to deliver your dream kitchen. Not all of the following will be required on your particular job, which would then speed up your timeline for kitchen remodeling in Dallas, TX.

  1. Rough carpentry (framing)
  2. Rough utilities (electric, plumbing and HVAC)
  3. Insulation and sheetrock (or plastering)
  4. Finish carpentry including cabinets
  5. Tiling and countertop installation
  6. Painting
  7. Finish utilities (electric, plumbing fixtures installed)
  8. Flooring
  9. Clean up (very important to you AND to us!)
Our promise is to keep you informed through every step of kitchen remodeling in Dallas, TX

The impact on the value of your home

An upscale kitchen brings a 70 percent return on investment when you sell your house. A realtor will tell you kitchen remodeling makes a home far easier to sell, at asking price.

Saving money

Energy-efficient appliances, plumbing and windows save you money every month on utility bills, and tax incentives are available. Today's lighting is designed to conserve electricity. You can change a window or add a skylight to further reduce lighting costs.

Remodel versus Renovate

When most folks contemplate kitchen remodeling in Dallas, TX the word "remodel" generally means the same as renovate. Here's the difference:

  • Remodel means to alter the floor plan, structure and/or size of an area, such as moving a wall, removing load bearing walls, windows, new cabinet figuration, and more.
  • Renovate means taking the current floor plan and changing surfaces, for example, cabinets, tiles, countertops, finishes and colors. In short, switching something new with something old.
You can use your credit card for kitchen remodeling in Dallas, TX. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Of course, we welcome cash and a personal check.

Get ready for a dramatic difference in convenience, traffic flow, and useable space. You'll love your deeper sink; new windows to increase light and air; elegant countertop and cabinetry; and the most popular kitchen feature, the cooking or food preparation island. You will discover that the final product is more satisfying that you imagined!