Bathroom Remodeling In Dallas Texas

Bathroom Remodeling In Dallas Texas

Bathroom remodeling in Dallas, Texas ranges from replacing a room built for utility only, with a room designed for home luxury, to carving out a guest bathroom. You have chosen a contractor who will assist in re-imagining your possibilities for relaxation, comfort, convenience and beauty and then make it happen.

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Bathroom remodeling is remarkably affordable

  1. Transforming existing baths or adding a bathroom can bring a 70% return on investment should you sell your home. A realtor will often say, "You can't afford not to."
  2. Your own comfort is priceless, and the return on investment is daily and you relax and renew in your new bathroom. You can also add daily energy efficiency and the utility savings that result.
  3. Since we are with you from the design to the cleanup of bathroom remodeling in Dallas, TX, we will provide an accurate estimate and then deliver the best quality and features possible for your budget.
  4. Our deep experience gives us the ability to set costs and then stay on budget - because our budget estimate is honest to begin with and realistic from the start.

Great ideas for bathroom remodeling in Dallas, TX

Wait until you see all of the new trends in bathroom re-invention. Here are some next-generation suggestions:

  • A shower separate from the bathtub. Ceramic tile and stylish fixtures are a must. Even your shower has d├ęcor!
  • A European-style bathtub or a free-standing tub. It's back to the future.
  • Tile is luxury. Travertine and other natural stone add warmth.
  • A Master Bathroom: For the king and queen of the house, we design unique custom cabinets and quality brands of fixtures and hardware. Homeowners get the feel of a visit to a spa, right at home.
  • Borrowing new space from a nearby hallway or unused areas of a nearby room expands your comfort and bathroom remodeling in Dallas, TX accomplishes it.

Adding a bath

A powder room for guests adds elegance to entertaining. A complete bathroom attached to your guest room creates what Europeans call "en-suite" luxury to offer your overnight guests.

As your children grow into teenagers, adding a bathroom provides you and them privacy and convenience. Mornings are less hurried and the day doesn't begin with arguments about who gets "in" first. Give the kids the existing bath and create a master bath for Mom and Dad.

How we can promise no-hassle bathroom remodeling in Dallas, TX

  • Experience: Put simply, we've had a lot of practice at eliminating any hassles from remodeling. We offer deep experience in what it takes, and what it will be like for you. It enables us to honestly relay to you the phases of the project and what you can expect next. The number one reason our customers rave about their bathroom remodeling with us is that we communicate with them. "Not knowing" is a hassle we have eliminated.
  • Planning: There is no excuse for delay due to poor planning of bathroom remodeling in Dallas, TX. There is no reason for budget busting because costs were not adequately planned at the outset. You will get a realistic plan and honest updates.

Minimizing disruption and dirt

Sure, bathroom remodeling in Dallas, TX is going to require some adjustments while our work is completed. We will work with you to keep the room "running" for as long as possible, accurately plan and estimate the hours it may be "out of commission", and work around your family needs. It's a crucial room, and we recognize that.

Dependable bathroom remodeling in Dallas, TX is simple with our expertise
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